Player Testimonials

Johnnie Searfoss – University of Nebraska Omaha, Div. 1 Men’s Hockey
“Paul Taylor has been the most influential person on my hockey career. He has worked with me since I started playing hockey at ten years old. His passion, knowledge and love for the game is second to none. What separates Paul from most coaches is his work ethic and drive to get his players to reach their full potential. His knowledge is extensive in all aspects of the game: on-ice training, dryland, nutrition, team systems and strategy.” 


Austin Azurdia – University of Alaska Anchorage, Div. 1 Men’s Hockey Team
“Playing for Paul Taylor were some of the most impactful years of my career. I came to play for him with the hopes of becoming a Div. I hockey player, and he gave me the tools to achieve that dream. I owe Coach Taylor a lot of credit for helping me reach my goal of becoming a college hockey player and growing as a person as well.”


Brandon Unser – Milwaukee School of Engineering, Div. 3 Men’s Hockey
“I couldn’t have asked for a better coach to play my Junior hockey career with. Paul Taylor is the best coach I have had the opportunity to play for. His preparation for training, practice, and games puts every player in a prime opportunity to succeed. He has a proven track record for preparing players for the next level. Coach Taylor comes to the rink with a focus and purpose that motivates his players to push themselves and be the best player they could be each and every day. His ability to teach the game is second to none.


 Blake Box – United States Military Academy, Army Black Knights, Div. 1 Men’s Hockey
“I spent many years playing for Paul Taylor and owe much of my hockey and personal development to his coaching and mentor-ship. His emphasis on on-ice and off-ice training gave me a strong edge over my competition. Through his connections, Coach Taylor set me up with a Junior A hockey team and helped me put myself in a position to play Div. I hockey. Coach Taylor has also played an intricate part in helping form my character and teach me the proper mindset to be an elite athlete.”


Eric G. Nitsche – Father of Thomas Nitsche, University of Western Michigan, Div. 1 Men’s Hockey
“Our family made the decision to have our son Thomas play for Paul Taylor because we believed it would be the best opportunity for his development, both athletically and personally. Paul explained his philosophy and then mapped out a path for my son that proved to be everything he said it would be. The high intensity on-ice practices and the creative off-ice training along with the attention to detail as it related to nutrition, mental and personal development was outstanding on every front. The supervision, discipline and mentorship Thomas received was also everything my wife and I had hoped for. Paul’s influence didn’t stop there as he worked feverishly in the background to make sure his players secured a favorable destination to continue their development. In the case of my son Thomas, coach Taylor made the personal connection that led him to play in the BCHL and reach his goal of earning a Div 1 scholarship. A great deal of credit goes to Coach Taylor and we thank him for all his dedication and his unique approach to player development. My wife, my son, and I would highly recommend Paul to anyone with hockey development ambitions of any kind.”


Chris Schutz – Alberni Valley Bulldogs (BCHL)
“Paul Taylor has been one of the most influential coaches of my career. His training methods were everything that I needed to get to the next level. His philosophy on training and development really helped me to gain more confidence in my game. Not only does he help you with on-ice and off-ice skills, but he also instills good traits to help you become a more complete person as well as a complete player. He really cares for his players and I had a great time playing for him.”


Bryan Siersma – University of Huntsville Alabama, Div. 1 Men’s Hockey
“After playing for Paul Taylor for four seasons, I can without a doubt say he is the best coach I’ve played for. His coaching style and program gives players everything they need to advance to the next level. His on and off-ice training is high-intensity and will help players build their physical and mental skills. He will help you grow as a player and as a person and I attribute a great deal of my success to his coaching and leadership.”


Michael Baldwin – Marian University, Div. 3 Men’s Hockey
Paul Taylor was one of the most influential coaches I have ever played for. He is a players coach, meaning that he pushes every player to be their best, but also understands the importance of training intelligently. Tactically, he knows how to make ‘real-time’ adjustments that without a doubt helped us win some big games. The off-ice training was the most demanding program I’ve been apart of as it pushes each individual out of their comfort zone and I still currently use many of the training techniques today. PT has been one of the only coaches to consistently devote on-ice time to player skill development because he truly cares about the success of each player and wants the best for everyone on and off the ice. I would recommend any player wanting to play at the highest levels to play for PT.”


Connor Enciso – Milwaukee School of Engineering, Div. 3 Men’s Hockey
“If you want to advance your hockey career then Paul Taylor is the coach for you. Our team led the league in almost every statistical category and only got better as the season went on. Development is the most important thing to PT and he made it a priority every single day. Many of us who played for him advanced to play NCAA hockey and others went to higher levels of junior in the USHL, BCHL and NAHL. PT’s training is the best in the business and his on-ice development helped each player excel in their position and the off-ice training helped us become elite athletes. I wouldn’t be playing NCAA hockey if it wasn’t for PT taking a chance on me.”


Sam Akins– University of Gustavus Adolphus, Div. 3 Men’s Hockey
“Playing for Paul Taylor inspired a level of commitment unparalleled in junior hockey. From day one, PT established a high standard and accepted nothing less from his players. The combination of on and off-ice training played a huge role in my development and preparation for NCAA hockey. PT worked tirelessly to make sure his team was ready for any opponent and would have his players prepared in every way possible. His knowledge of the game is top notch and his coaching style demands the most from players, preparing them for the next level.”


Richard Bohan – Worcester State University, Div. 3 Men’s Hockey
“Playing for Paul Taylor was the greatest hockey experience I’ve ever had. The amount of intensity and professionalism expected from his players on and off the ice was second to none in the nation. It was also the most fun I’ve ever had as a player, coming to the rink everyday with a group of guys as determined and focused as our coach, made practice a blast. The amount of improvement I had playing for Paul was staggering and it definitely prepared me for college hockey.”